Very sorry to hear that Ronny of Unique Rubber will not be making any more latex clothing or accessories for the foreseeable future due to ‘serious health reasons’. Hope you get well soon, Ronny!

He is selling the items he has already made on his website (direct link here). Some are unworn and some have been worn for one or two photo shoots – get them while you can.

I was lucky enough to have the above piece made by Ronny last year, but only got round to shooting it last weekend. It’s his ‘Secretary’ dress in Japan Bamboo texture in a custom glitter green and it’s beautiful.


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Another in the ‘Beautiful Items of Kink’ series, this is a fabulous St Andrew’s Cross by Colin of Very Alternative Furniture. This was custom made after numerous calls to Colin to establish the design. The fluting and detail in the woodwork (even on the base and supports) is great and the slight angle on the whole piece makes it much more comfortable to stay attached to for longer periods of time…trust me, I know 🙂 Attachment points courtesy of Clejuso, who make some of the nicest (and heaviest) handcuffs out there. More views of the cross can be found in my portfolio.



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I get asked this a fair bit and I can say the following:

  1. I have always like kinky photography
  2. I went on a workshop and began to learn to shoot latex

That workshop was led by one of the UK’s most acclaimed photographers, Damian McGillicuddy, and I was lucky to get on it. I chose my words deliberately when I said, “I began to learn to shoot latex,” because it really was just the first step on the road. Many (many) hours of practice and mentoring from Mr McGillicuddy later and I can say that I am now a decent photographer, but the skills continue to develop, be it in latex, kink or the vanilla world. It has to start somewhere, and in the words of one inspirational quote, “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.” Anyway, here’s one of the images from that workshop that got me going on this wonderful journey. The iconic Ulorin Vex in red latex – a guaranteed win!


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