Thinking of taking the plunge but concerned about how your images will be handled?

Please rest assured, your privacy is paramount and I take it extremely seriously. I cannot emphasise this enough.

High-quality kinky images of yourself getting out into the public domain could be more than merely embarrassing. It could end a promising career or relationship and I understand that keeping images safe, especially in the digital world, is a major concern.

To prevent any mishaps, I have taken every step to ensure that your images will never be accessible to a third party from my end. To that end, the following measures are in place to ensure your images’ security and your privacy.


  • Your images will never go near cloud-based storage.
  • Previews will be conducted either by private viewing at my studio or a suitable alternative location. Though it is possible to preview your images via a password-protected online gallery, I will only do this with express permission and the gallery will be taken down as soon as you have made your selections.
  • Your images are stored on a secure hard drive that uses military-grade encryption, requiring 2-factor authentication and that will automatically erase its contents if the wrong password is entered 3 times. No-one will be able to access your images by brute force.
  • I will not use your images on my website or anywhere else without your express permission.
  • If you choose to have your images made into fine-art prints, they will be only handled by a single trusted individual (other than me) who is working under a strict non-disclosure agreement.
  • I am more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to cover your photoshoot and the images generated.


If there is something that you are concerned about, or if you have any questions about privacy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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