Kinky Photo Shoots

Got a fantastic new kinky outfit you want to be photographed in? Perhaps you’re a rope bunny who wants a scene recorded for posterity? Maybe it’s a gift for your Sir/Domme/significant other? Whatever the reason and whatever your kink (provided it’s legal – be good, now), if you want it photographed, I can help! I own and operate a fully-equipped photographic studio, which is a clean, safe and comfortable space in which to get your kink on and have some photos taken.

Please do note that as getting ready/set up for kink shots can take slightly longer than for vanilla ones, please allow 3-4 hours for a shoot. Chaperones/friends are very welcome, and everyone will have access to a comfortable lounge with tea/coffee-making facilities and wi-fi.


A typical 3-hour shoot, generating between 15-20 high-quality, retouched, final images (depending on nature/complexity of setups) would cost £500.

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